HOW TO BOOK Just Brittany

Brittany Bullock, better known as “Just Brittany,” was born in Houston, Texas on June 11,1989. She grew up in the 5th ward area and attended Nat Q. Henderson Elementary. In school, Brittany always maintained a straight ‘A’ student and stayed on the Dean’s List for great conduct and outstanding grades. Brittany even graduated at the age of 16 and was also valedictorian of her class. Her strong determination to succeed in life pushed her to pursue her passion for her music.
Brittany’s hard work and sacrifices were paying off when her younger sister graduating from high school, also being valedictorian of her class. During this time, she met a young man named Christopher “C-Moe” Moore, a singer, songwriter,and producer. Brittany collaborated with
C-Moe on many different records, with “Call Me 4 Dat Good” being her first single. No stranger to success, her notoriety from her first single landed her a deal with highly acclaimed record label Cash Money Records and a place on the Billboard Charts. Since then, she shown her audience her dynamic with a style that exudes class and sex appeal, with music that initiates emotion.
In February 2011, she released her first EP, Not Just A Pretty Face, showing a different side of herself and and appealing more to the pop genre. NJAPF was a fun and sweet project. She surprised her fans and gained new ones with singles “Slumber Party” and “Color,” once again becoming a Billboard charter and continuing to prove that she desires nothing less than success.
Today, Just Brittany is preparing the release for her newest project, S.I.R.E.N., an album that she believes will definitely be more heartfelt and show the world the real her. “I’ve been on an emotional roller coaster lately,” she says, “and I know its time for me to express my emotions over this new project. They way I really feel.” With her ever-changing, trendsetting style and a stronger, powerful voice that’s music to your ears, we can only sit back and enjoy the show!


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